It is recommended that you drink bottled water while on safari or purify your water by boiling it or sterilizing it with iodine/ chlorine tablets. Use your discretion when eating local food and wash all fruits before eating them. This is a remedy for a range of diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid, stomach upsets, dysentery and cholera among others. If you have any diet restrictions, inform us accordingly for us to know and work with your hotel/ chief to suits your diet needs.
It is recommended to bring a basic medical kit; although most medical supplies may be purchased, medical facilities may be limited out of towns and therefore bringing medical kits can be of good importance if they are needed.
It is recommended to use condom in case of having sexual intercourse with anyone you met while on safari for your protection against HIV/AIDS and if you can bring your condoms from home, the better.
Effective vaccinations against hepatitis, meningitis that usually attacks in dry seasons and yellow fever, rabies are recommended and available locally. Be aware of malaria and other tropical diseases as well.
It is advisable to have sunscreen, wear sunglasses/shades for protection from dust, bacteria or other insects. You may ask for any other health information before starting your safari.